New and existing patient offers

We have two long-standing new patient offers. They are available the first time you receive a complete oral exam (usually around the time you start with us as a new patient), and again every three to five years.

The complimentary electric toothbrush

This is our dental hygienists' favourite gift to give to our patients, because it helps you keep your teeth clean for years to come. Our dental hygiene team is very good at what they do. By putting an electric toothbrush in your hands, it allows our hygienists to do what they do best: clean the parts of your smile that only they can get to.

The complimentary take-home whitening kit

Many of our patients prefer this option, since it allows their smile to shine. The important thing to keep in mind here is that, before starting tooth whitening treatment, you want to make sure that your teeth are already healthy.

For example, if your teeth haven't been cleaned, the whitening could get implemented unevenly.