When I sat down to do the research necessary for our dental website design, my first step was to search through selected websites and establish a list of elements I wanted to include in this site. Interestingly enough, while I was able to find a number of creative and well-designed sites through Google, most of the elements of my list came from analyzing the sites that I visit regularly. Clicking through my bookmarks, I happened upon our wedding videographer's website, which I had luckily saved. When we used their services, Collin and Carla of Empty Cup Media were perfectly professional, their service was beyond reproach, and more importantly (in the context of this post, anyway), what first enticed us to contact them was the attractiveness of their website. While the rich photography and superbly edited short films immediately catch the eye, the site also offers an interesting series of articles for readers who want to spend more time perusing the site. The combination of visually appealing media elements and well-written posts serve to showcase their talent, as with the entry where Collin proposes to Carla.

Obviously, the purpose of a media company's website and a dental office's website aren't exactly the same. At the same time, there are still certain characteristics that are common to both, such as the necessity of exposing the services the organization offers and the philosophy they follow. It turns out that Simon de la Salle, who did a lot of the design work for Collin and Karla's site, has a good understanding of the elements that contribute to a great online presence. He boasts a unique webpage of his own, where (among other things) he shares his thoughts about the Empty Cup Media website. If you are looking for ways to update your own website, there are certainly worse places to start than here.