You’re about to put your child to bed … but they are hungry, begging for that one snack that will not only fill their tummy but taste good too. 

What do you do? 

Sometimes I give my kids bedtime snacks … but if you ask them, they’ll probably tell you they aren’t the kinds of treats they’d pick! However, they know why we avoid certain foods.  

always go for low-sugar snacks. That’s because sugar will attack your child’s teeth while they sleep — and that can lead to cavities.  

When hunger takes over, I offer them …
• Low sugar berries
• Cheese
• Vegetables (i.e. celery)
• Nuts
• Guacamole and chips 

Why is it important to give your child a snack if they need it? Because going to bed hungry can affect their quality of sleep. I only see it as an issue if they decide to skip dinner because they know a treat is available later. Don’t let them start that habit!  

If your child somehow manages to sneak a sweet or drink an unhealthy beverage, make sure they properly brush their teeth before crawling into bed. Then remind them why it’s not good for them. If they are thirsty, stick to water. If your child is an infant, make sure they finish their bedtime bottle before bed.

Having trouble convincing your child to brush before bed? Surprise them with a colourful, children’s-themed brush and toothpaste. If they see their favourite Disney characters on the bottle or are enticed by a mouthwatering toothpaste flavour, that might be all the convincing it takes to get them to spend two minutes on their smile.

Looking for other bedtime snack ideas? What healthy options do you currently offer your little ones? Let us know! As your preventative dentist in Bowmanville, I’m always looking forward to listening and sharing with you.