In the summertime, my kids and I spend countless hours in our garden. They love running around, checking out what has sprouted … and even eating it, too!

Ripe, juicy tomatoes are their favourite. They enjoy them as a healthy snack right before a meal. Tomatoes are low sugar, so it’s great! 

If you’re unsure of which fruits and vegetables are best for you and your child’s smile, read on. I’ll let you know what’s good for your smile and which options could be problematic. 

  • Leafy greens are an excellent choice for you and your child’s teeth, as well as your overall health. Calcium-packed options, which strengthens tooth enamel, include spinach, kale, okra, white beans, and soybeans.

  • Mushrooms contain vitamin D — also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” This vitamin is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and bones and it helps our bodies absorb phosphorus and calcium.

  • Carrots and apples are high in fibre and crunchy. Eating them promotes saliva production, which neutralizes bacteria-laden acid, reducing the risk of cavities.

  • Ginger helps minimize the acid in your mouth by neutralizing the acidity formed by bacteria.

  • Citrus fruits can pose a danger to your teeth because they are very acidic. This high acid content may break down your tooth enamel over time, which can lead to decay. It’s not all bad though … these fruits and juices contain vitamin C and other nutrients that are good for your body. My advice is to rinse and brush after eating to prevent erosion. 

If you have a small garden at home, I encourage you to introduce your kids to it! It’s a great way to soak up the sun, be active, and show your child which foods will keep them smiling! If you don’t have your own garden, there are some great videos on YouTube to help you get started. 

Have some gardening tips you’d like to share? I’d love to find out what they are during your next visit toLongworth Dental — your Courtice dentist.