No matter why you’ve lost your teeth, dentures can be the best option for restoring your smile. They look, feel, and function just like the real thing, and because of that, there we take a unique individualized approach to create your perfect smile. Continue on for the 411 on this trusted tooth replacement option! 

With these pros, you will be a denture pro…

  • Ability to chew food properly, which means you can enjoy the foods you love and ensure a wide nutritional spectrum.

  • Those gaps will be … GONE!

  • Face shape will be restored.

  • Depending on where the denture is, speaking will be easier and your speech clearer.

  • Regular realignment or rebasing to correct normal wear and tear will keep your denture comfortable and functional.

For every denture candidate, there is an option that is perfect for you.

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Complete removable dentures are typically mounted in a based formed to fit perfectly over your gums. They are used when all teeth are missing. Dr. Sharon Barr will take several impressions of your gums and send them to a laboratory where your prosthesis will be designed, using your model as a base. You will return to our office for a fitting and bite alignment to ensure a perfect fit.

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Cast metal is less likely to move while you eat since they are anchored to your remaining natural teeth. The metal is stronger than acrylic. They also take up less space in your mouth and leave more of your palette open, allowing you to taste more and feel temperature better. They are more expensive than acrylic dentures and adjustment of the supporting natural teeth is necessary to anchor the denture properly.

 Acrylic dentures are can be completed in two appointments (just one to two weeks), and it’s easier (than cast metal dentures) to add a tooth to the denture should you lose any more natural teeth. You may not be able to wear acrylic dentures if you have a strong gag reflex as they are a bit bulkier and cover more surface area, which may also decrease sensations of taste and feel.

Removable partial dentures share similarities with complete dentures. They are made the same way and there are two different kinds: cast metal and acrylic (hard plastic). We will discuss with you which is best for your smile.

At Longworth Dental, we want you to know all aspects of your possible treatment, so you can make the choice that best suits your needs.

We’re here for you every step of the way and can’t wait for the very best part of dentures … the big reveal! The first step to your new smile is just a call away.